Unsere novacki Group seit 2003 investiert in verschiedene Branchen und Bereiche. Wir sind sehr aktiv in Deutschland, Schweiz, Afrika, United Arab Emirates.

Wir arbeiten zusammen mit anderen Investoren und mit den privat Banken.

Durch unsere Foundation versuchen wir die Kinder aus armen Familien unterstützen.

Die Zukunft heisst: TU WAS !!! nicht nur für sich selbst aber auch für die, die etwas schwächer sind als du.

About us

From 2003 our family earned capital we have been implementing new technological solutions in our enterprises as well as providing financial support to micro enterprises in West Europe, Africa etc..

Our strategy assumes realization of the greatest number of purchase and sale transactions of enterprises, co-financing of enterprises, as well as establishment of new enterprises.
We follow a responsible investment approach. We invest in various branches and industries, at different stages of their development. We seek to develop our contacts in order to conclude new strategic alliances.

In our portfolio we do also provide enjoyment of patent rights in R&D. Similarly, due to the processes of increasing globalisation of financial markets, we are fully acquainted with all investors’ requirements. From one source we are able to gain access to all investment, private equity, profit and due diligence related services. 


  • 2003 – the beginning of providing financial consulting services

  • 2008 – the position and soundness of strong financial Company

  • 2009 – establishment of new enterprises and expansion to technical industries market

  • 2010 – establishment of informal business club in one of European countries

  • 2015 – implementation of 17 new industries issues, which to this day are being developed and modified

  • 2017 – establishment of the financial SMAFK Group, which co-finances projects of the Novacki Group


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Med-Techo – Med Waren

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we help children from poor families

Wir helfen Kindern aus armen Familien


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